The pre-professional after school ballet program is designed with the serious ballet student in mind, who might wish to join the Professional Training Program. Students are selected by audition or invitation into the Pre-Professional Program from the age of 9, and progress through six levels of intensive training.

Students are entered for American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum, Examinations and Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Graded Examinations, and are assessed by examination in the Spring of each year by the staff of the Oakville School of Classical Ballet. Written reports are issued and interviews with parents and students ensure the progression of training in the correct manner.

See attached for full information of American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum, and the Royal Academy of Dance Curriculum.


The curriculum within the pre-professional program includes ballet technique, pre-pointe and pointe, character dance and contemporary (modern dance). Classes are scheduled between 4:00pm – 9:00pm weekdays, and Saturday mornings between 9:00am – 1:00pm, with rehearsals scheduled on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Professional Program Audition

We are dedicated to encouraging aspiring young dancers to achieve. At the Artistic Director’s discretion, a Pre-Professional student may audition for the ½ day Professional Training Program.

Open Houses

Throughout the year a number of open house weeks are held for prospective students and parents. Please register your interest or call 905-302-Jeté (5383) to attend a class.